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  1.  Enter your First and Last Name

  2.  Enter your email address

  3.  For "Subject", please enter:  "Last Name (phone #)"      Example:  Smith (615-274-8826)

  4.  Enter any notes you feel would be helpful (optional).

  5.  Click "Add Files" or "Add Folders" to select the photos  you  would like to include for your book or project.

  6.  When finished, click "Send Files" and you will receive a confirmation message indicating your photos were sent.


This feature works best on desktops, laptops, and larger tablets.  If you are sending photos from a smaller tablet or smartphone, you can "share" multiple photos by adding "".  If you experience any problems, just let us know and we'll be happy to assist! 

Follow these steps to upload your photos:

Please Note:

  • Max upload is 4GB or approx 800 photos.

  • For best results, submit original photos taken with a camera or phone rather than photos that have been saved, downloaded, or shared in an email or from sites that may minimize the size and quality of the photos (e.g. Facebook, Instagram). 

  • If your photos were taken by a professional photographer, you must own the rights to the photos or have permission to use them.

  • If you are submitting more photos than you'd like to actually use in your book or album, please indicate in the notes section that you would like your estimate to include our "Sort and Select Service". 

  • Before work begins, we will contact you to gather some additional information about your project and provide you with a quote based on your project size and preferences.


  • Photos uploaded here will be assigned to a private, protected folder dedicated to your specific project alone.  We understand the emotional value attached to photos and to privacy!  You have our word that every photo shared with us is considered confidential and never shared.  The trust our clients place in us is, and always will be, respected and appreciated!

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