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Tavner McKelley

Owner & Chief Memory Officer  ;-)

After a successful career in the corporate world as a Training & Organizational Development Professional, I took a leap of faith and decided to follow my passion for photography, design technology and helping others.  I started my own little side-business in 2009 making photo books for busy moms and friends who were taking lots of digital photos but weren't enjoying them because they just accumulated on their computers.  Then camera phones became the must-have item, making it easier than ever to capture special moments.

I began hearing more and more clients say that they felt "overwhelmed by their growing photo collection".  Many said they had tried to create a photo book online but never completed the project because, "it required more time and skill than they anticipated".  Some said they had even purchased a 'daily-deal' for discounts on photo books but never used the coupon because they weren't even sure where or how to begin sorting and selecting the best photos for their book!  I realized that I had stumbled upon a challenge shared by many!  Memory Lane Designs has solutions to solve what has become a common problem ... photo chaos

Since launching in 2009, I've helped many clients organize their photos and preserve their favorite memories in custom designed, premium-quality photos books and video slideshows.  The themes have ranged from family histories, beloved pets, international travels, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, Disney vacations, small business portfolios, memorial books, reunions, baby books, hobbies and more!  I also regularly conduct group and individual training sessions on smartphone basics and photo backup options.   

As a professional member of The Photo Managers Association, I participate in weekly discussions and receive specialized training on the latest technology and industry-related tools to help my clients manage their digital and printed photo collections. 


If you have ever experienced anxiety over the number of photos you have accumulated or photo-fatigue after considering the ever-changing storage options required to safely preserve your growing photo collection, I can offer you sound solutions.  I would be honored to work with you and help you enjoy your favorite photos as they were meant to be, as well as ensure that they are safely preserved for future generations!

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